Ring size guide

Let's end the confusion about ring sizes.
Follow these two simple guides to start shopping for the right sizes.


1. Take a ring you have that fits your desired finger and measure its inside diameter with a ruler. Be sure to measure straight across the inside of the ring from edge to edge.

2. Convert the diameter measurement in millimeters and compare it to our ring size chart below.

Size/Talla Circumference /Circunferencia

 Internal diameter /Diámetro interno

6 5.2 cm  1.65 cm
7 5.4 cm  1.73 cm 
5.7 cm  1.82 cm 
9 6.0 cm  1.89 cm 
10  6.2 cm  1.98 cm 
11 6.4 cm  2.06 cm 
12 6.7 cm  2.13 cm 
13  7.0 cm  2.22 cm 


If you can't measure any rings: MEASURE YOUR FINGER

1. Choose the finger on which you wish to wear the ring.

2. Cut a small piece of thread or similar and wrap it around the finger. For an accurate measurement, be sure not to wrap the thread too tightly around the finger, as the desired fit should be comfortable but snug without feeling too tight.

3. Compare the measurement to our size chart. If the measurement is between two sizes, we recommend that you order the larger size.


1. Our rings are offered in full sizes only. If you are between two sizes, we recommend you to increase the size.

2. Don't forget to take your knuckles into account. If your knuckles are much larger than the base of your finger, remember to measure them as well to make sure the ring can fit over them.

3. Since fingers tend to swell during the day, we recommend that you measure your intended finger at the end of the day at room temperature to make the fit more comfortable.

4. Buying a ring as a gift? The easiest way to determine someone else's ring size is to borrow one of their rings and measure the inside diameter. If you are between two sizes, go with the larger size.